Sunday, August 6, 2017

It has been 4 years since I last posted. Things have been going well. I have worked or been back to work 9 years since I lost my leg in a freeway rollover accident. The thing which is coming up for me is a road trip back to Oregon where I grew up. I will be going to three main areas- Portland, Salem and North Bend Oregon on the Southern Oregon coast. I lived in Oregon over 31 years and in Utah now 24. I'm going to see old friends, workmates, and cousins I haven't seen for 25 years; also, my favorite old haunts where I grew up. The last thing that I will do there is go to the Salem area on August 21st when the full eclipse of the sun happens. I saw the one in 1979 February 14th. I was in a bus heading to work, my first day working for Pacific Northwest Bell or the phone company. It was an overcast day, cloudy and rainy. What I remember is that it got really dark, like a bad storm would come through and then slowly got light again so that wasn't much of an eclipse. The next one in the US is in 25 years. That makes this one pretty special. Where I live in Utah, we only have a 91% Eclipse; but the one in Salem OR and the Idaho Falls area of Idaho will be 100% complete total eclipse. I'm looking forward to my trip and to see all these people from the past. I'll write again soon, maybe throw in some pictures