Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not much to report right now..

According to the email I got from my Grandma Joyce yesterday...

"David is stable, he still has some temperature but that is normal. He will go back to surgery in a couple of days & the surgeons will amputate a little above the knee to make sure they got all of the necrosis. He is still on a ventilator, but seems to breathing a little easier. And he still has a feeding tube. He's on a lot of medication so he is still a little confused, but he is not in pain. As soon as he is not in critical condition, he will be moved either to another floor, or to rehab, wherever the family & his case manager & his nurse decide."

I, Nicole, David's eldest daughter am now moved into my apartment in Michigan and can get away to Utah for a few more days. I'm flying back out to Salt Lake tonight and will be able to give more first hand accounts soon.

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Update on Joseph Taggart said...

Just wanted to express thanks for keeping up the blog. We in the AV Department are fasting and praying continually for David. He is a great man and we know the Lord is mindful of him. He was such a great help when our son had his accident (see http://www.josephtaggart.blogspot.com/) Thanks again for keeping us informed.
Tim Taggart