Sunday, February 24, 2008

Post-Op Update

David's surgery on Friday gave a few answers on his long term right leg nerve health. There was some definite trauma to the nerves, but despite the stretching and blood residue, the nerves are intact. The surgeon anticipates that within 2 weeks to 2 years, nerve impulses will return and he'll have better control and feeling in his leg.

His TOSH experience was not very positive. He got to the hospital for surgery on Thursday, and then found out he'd have to wait until Friday at 10 am. In actually, he had to wait until 4 pm, worrying and worrying. He'd only brought his MP3 player to keep him occupied, and he had almost 28 hours at TOSH. He said that the equipment and comfort level of TOSH was about 40 years back. The only thing that made the wait tolerable was his nurse Emily. After being in a world-class hospital, and a new rehab center, TOSH seemed somewhat antiquated. Also, his nurse put his IV right in his wrist. Anytime he used his hand or wrist, the IV would dig in and cause pain. So this meant he couldn't use his hands for lifting himself in bed or for wheelchair transfers.

Tomorrow he meets with Dr. Goodman for a checkup on his stump. The staples will likely be removed, and he'll meet with a prosthetist on his C-Leg.

The best time to visit David is between 4-9 PM, because he has most of his appointments and therapy in the morning and early afternoon. Please call him at Aspen Ridge at 801-713-3119 before visiting, to make sure he's ready and available for you.

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