Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Family comes to visit- (Pictures span from Febuary to March)

My home away from home, but where's my family. Proceed downward to see them.

Mary- my youngest child, and my joy!

My kids still at home.
My three youngest.
Wife and son.

Sharing Sunday dinner at my Rehab room.

We made some great Potato soup.

Its great to have my family visit (and bring dinner) on Sunday.

My family who still live at home, plus my Mom from Oregon.

My youngest son, Jacob

Jacob after his haircut.

My oldest daughter and grand daughter, visit me from Detroit.

My wife takes me for a walk.

The view from outside the Rehab Center.
My smiling wife resting after she pushed me around.

Aaaaahh...... Sunset.

My oldest sister Laurie came all the way from Portland just to see me and support me. I can't hold back my joyous emotions that she would come all this way to be here for me.

I was finally OK'd to have thick liquid and pure-e'd food. My sister provides my first food---a chocolate shake.

My caring Mom.
Mom, Dughter and son. Note my left hand ring finger is torqued and out sync. I go to the doctor in 10 days ti fix it. The tendon poped out of its groove.

My mom fly out from Oregon and took care of me for 2 1/2 weeks.

My father-in-law.

Wife and grand daughter.
Brother-in-law Grant, Hollie and family.

Nephew Thomas Orrock and new wife Adriene

Brother-in-law James, Leana and family.

My Daughters friend Nathan McEuen gave a personal concert.

Son-in-law Taylor and me.
A father could not ask for a better son in law.

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Parry-larious said...

Thanks for the picture update. Hope you are doing better and better every day.