Friday, June 13, 2008

Free at last, Free at last, thank golly, I'm free at last.

A week ago, I left my 4 months and a 1 day of sheltered life at Aspen Ridge. It was a great place for me, but it was time to move forward with the HARD challenges of my new life. I live 3 blocks away from my work. I went their yesterday. It took me 20 minute to wheel myself there. Many inclines both ways. It will be hard. Maybe I need a electric wheel chair.

We are getting settled in our new place. It is nice and comfortable, but 1300 sq feet is not 3200 sq ft. We have live in our 2 story house for 15 years. My son in law Taylor came over from Detroit and helped me de-clutter my basement of about 100 A/V items from the last 2 decades. Even found some Cadillac Beta maxes. Still have a lot to do to get our home ready.

Went to my first Dr appointment with Dr. Webster. He will do alot to manage my care.

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Parry-larious said...


Grant and I can help you out with the house next Saturday if you need us still by then.

Good luck with the new apartment and the "HARD" life. You are our hero!