Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer has ended, our home has not sold, I am up to 20 hours a week at work.

Walking around our apartment

Stacy and Randy, my Physical Therapists.


Lori said...

it's nice to see your able to up your hours. I am praying you and your moms homes sell soon. Unfortunately, they will sell in Gods time, not ours. Patience can be hard on nerves at times, we've been through the same thing (waiting a long time for our home to sell).

Parry-larious said...


Looks like you are coming along on your physical therapy. I wish you all the luck with that endeavor. I am excited that you are getting a chance to use your prothetic and that you can now drive your car. That's fabulous!

Good luck on the house....such a worry I am sure.