Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent News! We've sold our home in Murray, Bought our Lehi digs and am weeks away from going back to work Full time.

It has been a long time coming, but we no longer are Salt lake county property owners. We sold it and closed last week. Between improvements, repairs, new furnace, Realtor fees, and falling real estate market, we lost nearly $100,000 to get it sold. We could not have sold it at a worst time, but we could not have lived there either. At least a nice family lives there now and we do not have double payments. We love our now home, neighborhood and Ward. 27 mile commute is a little long but livable. Takes about 45 minutes each way. Life moves forward........................


Mike said...

David, you are truly an amazing person. Thank you for your positive outlook on life and for inspiring all of us to be better.

Lori said...

That's great news! Double house payments are too much stress.

karin said...

Hi David and Barbara:
What great news that you are finally settled into your new home in Lehi. What a relief, eh? Hope things are going well for you. Sounds like you are making progress with getting back to work full-time too! I thought of you this morning as I was walking into Aspen Ridge,remember how we would go outside and roll around the property or over to Wheeler Farm while we tried to problem solve the problem of the day?
As a therapist, I loved working with you through all of the challenges. I am so happy that you are adapting to your new life circumstances with such good humor and grace.
My love to you and your family,
Karin Howard, COTA/L
Aspen Ridge Transitional Rehab
Occupational Therapy

Allrie said...

Wow! I came to your blog via the Mission page...after seeing the picture it looks amazing that anyone even survived!! Having done the months of physical therapt etc. all I can say is that you are amazing. Also, no matter what prognosis the Drs give--you have given yourself your real one. Not to minimize what they say, but only you and the Lord know what you can achieve and what your limits are. Keep up the good work.

rodney said...
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rodney said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the phone call today. It was good to talk with you. You can teach us alot about trials. Hope to talk with you again.

Wishing you the best,
Rod Moyes

Drew Andrews said...

Considering how hard these times have been over the past few years, I think it’s a good thing that you decided to let go of your property in Salt Lake. You’ll definitely be able to save more money now that you’re only worrying about one payment instead of two. I hope you’re doing well these days!

- Drew Andrews -

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Life should really move forward, David/ I guess the favor is still with you since you didn’t have double payments. I guess your lost money before selling the house has now returned to you by now, and after four years, I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay at Lehi. :)

~ Leona Gladen ~