Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally get the OK to move my knee.

Dr Keene says I can now move my knee up to 30 degrees bend angle. I can finally make some real progress. My lower leg is so thin. The muscles will need a lot of work to recover.

I still have no feeling on my foot below my toes and I can't dosaflex, (raise up my foot.)
I may take months or years to rgenerate the Perineal nerve.

Jeff comes to visit on Saturday. We discussed how we both look forward to the Resurrection. He wants every hair of his head restored. I want my limbs restored. I think I have a little more invested in this future event.

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Parry-larious said...

When Joshua saw the picture of your leg he said, "Someone put your scrapbook tape on their leg, Momma?" I laughed. Glad things are moving along.