Monday, March 10, 2008

Visitors are very Welcome.

If you would like to come see me, the best time is M-F 12:30- 2pm or 4-7pm. On Saturday or Sunday I'm available most any time. Call ahead 713-3120 to make sure I'm here and not at a Doctor office. I'm at Aspen Ridge, 963 E. 6600 S. It is by the Off ramp at 215 and Ft Union, just South of Wheeler farm and East of the Murray RC Wiley's.


Nicole Bullock said...

I should be coming to visit the last week of March. I'm going to start work on March 31, so that week before I'll come with Rosie on her spring break. Can't wait to see all the progress you've made!

Mark Wonnacott said...

This is only the 2nd time I've made it on to your blog. I'm glad to see your recovery is going well. I can only imagine that it must be very difficult at times--if not always. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you and your family are in the Lord's hands.
May He continue to bless you all.
Best wishes to you and your family during your continued recovery.
--Mark Wonnacott
From the Deserts of California

PS: Both my wife and I agree that the van looks in MUCH better shape when it's right-side-up. (It looked really bad upside down!)

Tom and Larae Allen said...

Hi Dave,
Ken Pugmire sent us an email letting us know about your automobile accident and told us about your blog spot. We are certainly glad you are on the road to recovery and want to let you know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.

We are responding to your "Visitors are Welcome" entry, but want to let you know we won't be able to visit you. We are currently serving a mission in Armenia!

Hope your recovery continues well and that you are minding your p's and q's!

Thinking about you,
Tom and Larae Allen

Capri said...

Hi David,

Capri again : )
Lyn's able to get off a little earlier on Friday 3/14 so we will be there around 1pm. I call before we come to make sure you are up to visitors.
Hope to see you.